How much damage could a Crystal/Acid Mage theoretically do?

I was fighting some people in Munera and a Crystal/Acid Mage (in that order) showed up. We let him in, and at one point between fights, he demonstrated how much damage he could do with one attack, getting Corroding and Tri-Crystalized on one of us before using an Ultimate Art Self-Explosion. IT DID 843 DAMAGE. I didn’t get a picture of that unfortunately, but I did get a picture of a significantly weaker, but still terrifying, hit.
I asked him about his gear while the two other people were fighting, and he said he was running the Full Ravenna Apostle set, but replacing one of them with an Arcsphere and using the extra Accessory for a Fair Power Amulet, and only two Power Jewels. He said he could reach over 1,000 damage if he used a 20% Explosion, but that still leaves how much more damage could be done with extra Jewels.

How terrifying can this guy’s build get?

i just might need to become a mage and choose acid as a second magic

we like funny numbers

Heavy magics are really underrated!

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