How much do you think the frigate will cost?

Frigate is gonna be very unique, 2 floors, new weapons, captains cabin. i estimate 10k

We could determine that a frigate would cost several times as much as a ketch given its size and complexity. Let’s estimate the price of a frigate at 10,000–20,000 galleons.

I’d say around 10-15k, I’m hoping it’s on the cheaper side though

20k probably

if it has a “set spawn” option on it i would use it

but prolly gonna cost like 20k for it skull :sob:

if i buy one ill live on it

6-10k i think

your mom

I dont think it would go so cheap

I mean it’s practically a moving base

Probably anywhere in the 10k - 20k range, as it’ll likely be a more endgame galleon sink

35 million lamina or 10k galleons to be more accurate

35k galleons

1 average clan bank max

estimate 25k

ketch is 3k so…
10k? maybe

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