How much fun i have fighting hollow knight bosses after 1K hours

ya the higher a boss is, the more fun i have, so white defender is more fun than dung defender for me

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dont diss my man glowing electric ball like that my guy

uumuu sucks

u did not put Gruz Mother above Collector

i got P5 all bindings ptsd

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Same bro .-.

Traitor lord is a good spot on the list, I find myself panicking each time I fight them because they can quickly do 2 mask damage.
For me Pure vessel is so fun to fight, hes my fav video game boss.
Theres no bull rng like with Raidence, just pure skill (heh pure get it because-)
And parrying his attacks are so fun like the triple sword slash he does.

well i think i might have a different view than other people, for exampe broken vessel its a simple boss (just like the ones on a lower tier) but the flow of the fight, the lore, the reaction i had when i first meet him and after 1K hours still get the same reaction, how attacks are shown

and well for example the collector, sure the fight is fine and is a big surprise when u meet him and see he put the grabs in jars, but most of it difficulty comes if ur nail is upgraded enough or not, and he barely attacks u, like by himself instead of letting enemies u fought to do the work for him

Yea it all depends on the player, broken vessel for me is just ok, the lore is nice but the fight itself while has a good flow is kinda boring.
I hate collector lol hes just really annoying to fight for me. Having to multitask killing him and the enemy’s in the jars is really tricky.