How much is an Arcsphere worth?

I’ve heard that you can find them from floating cargo, fishing, and rare merchants, but how much are they actually worth? I haven’t seen anyone trade any so rare and valuable exactly are they? Also, anyone wanna trade me one?

According to this spreadsheet (Value List - The Galleon - Google Tabellen), it’s about 7k galleons. Though it varies from person to person. It is, after all, a pain in the ass to get while also being really good for builds

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Oh wow, this spreadsheet is great. thanks a bunch.

the average is 7k some have higher value than others, magma n fire you might be able to get for 6k - 6.5k just because its not valued for collectors

300 galleons

I have acid arcsphere, idk if its good tho

Yes some variants of arcspheres sre much more valuable. Some of them include wood arcsperes, earth arcspheres and all of their variants. Wind arcspheres because of its variants can also be worth more, though not usually as rare as earth and wood. At least in my experience

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