How much is fog an inconvenience to you?

This mainly to ask how many of you find the fog to be blocking your sight everytime you need to go somewhere.

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Only when im trying to not accidentaly ram my ship into an island (alot) why is the ketch so damn LONG that it goes into the fog, sometimes i cant see the front of my ship
I like zooming out while sailing ok

A bit, but I know how to navigate with the map and compass

I run 1 graphics so theres no real difference - but fog is a nuisance when Im trynna make sure my ship doesnt bonk into another island

But thts kinda what fog is for lol

fog is a bitch when its daytime


nah not at all
i’m play at graphics 2 and i use the map to navigate

Ur tryna ship, nighttime happens so u fish till day,
Sun rises and it freakin foggy, Now u gotta wait even longer,
Worst feeling ever.

Not an inconvenience at all. I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating at night using just the compass and map. I don’t necessarily really need to see where I’m going. As long as I know the general direction.

You know what does annoy me though? Rainy/snowy weather. Dude, snow and rain is ridiculously distracting. It’s why I hate sailing around Frostmill. At least with fog, you can see a little bit around you. With heavy snow? Your entire screen is just bombarded by white particles.

it used to be a huge inconvenience for me before they added a player marker to the map, now it just feels like a cool extra feature.

It’s only an inconvenience to me if im trying to find a merchant dyer

Pretty annoying honestly because I usually sail in the general direction if where I want to go and then turn there when the island is in view
But with fog or during the night, that doesn’t work so well.

it’s really only annoying if i’m trying to find other boats at sea, navigating’s fine

dont care unless im looking for npc ships

im very happy this thread is confirming that fog is doing its job :+1:

It is extreme torture, you can barely see anything.
I feel lost and alone when I’m in the fog.

Mostly slightly annoying because trying to find castaways and lost cargo is noticeably harder, but not impossible.

So a majority of you don’t like that fog with your own reasons to it.

fog doesn’t affect me until i’m trying to ship farm

Rarely a problem until i crash into an unsuspecting lost cargo box

Oh boy sure sure love driving my 2020 chevy silverado caravel