How Much Is Prometheus Acrimony Worth?

Now and after dark sea update (sunkens, gems, seasonals)

2 galleons now give me your prometheus acrimony

i have none

depends really if you just want a stat reset i just say wait for a gel party/give away
other than that i say just a little (20%) less than “common” halloween/4-5 boss drops

don’t forget that the value of items is determined by the demand/how much they want it (and proxy how much you want it)

this would be a mix of calvus and cernyx?

The base form of Prometheus Acrimony is going to be worth less as the update comes out but gel forms of it will rise as it will be unobtain as the dark sea update release bc the act of making the stat reset gel will be removed

Stat resets that are not drinkables are gonna be valuable due to them not being obtainable anymore

just said that

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