How much power does powerful power amulet ( poor ) give? is it better than powerful wizard hat?

answer the question above there

(why is this in trading discussion)

as for the actual question, I’m not sure but I think it might give slightly more than a powerful wizard hat, though you can’t use it with a dull powerful amulet because they’re considered the same item.

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I believe a poor powerful power amulet gives 17 power at it’s highest level. A dull powerful power at level 90 gives 32, i think.

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Amulets offer the most in their stats iirc. Maybe not Def since Sunken might be more but I believe Def amulet still higher.

If your options are between an amulet and an item with the same stat then go with the amulet every time (less it’s a dual stat, then actually consider).

(Note that level 50 is the max for poor amulets)

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note you can’t equip a dull power amulet and a poor power amulet at the same time.