How much robux would you have to donate to get the top donator title in-game?

If you were to try to get the title would you buy the donations in the group? How much would you have to donate? Would the title be given to you permanently or until somebody donates more than you and you aren’t one of the top anymore.

You just need to get top 5. I think the lowest is at 120k rn but it could be 150k, idk. You keep it even if you lose your place.

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Jesus thats a lot for a title. Thanks for the response.

Just go for Aristocrat if you want a title for title’s sake

it is not worth paying approximately 500 us dollars for a green colored name and title in a roblox game

get supporter
it gives some room for interpretation unlike donator, and you dont become an egotistical noble like aristocrat
either way, none of these give your chat a special color except top donator, so most of the time i doubt anyone will notice


we have to make sure vetex doesnt run out of money though !!

At this point it’s definitely not worth the robux, as you used to be able to get it for a few tens of thousands (think I got top donator for 20~40k, don’t remember)

how do you get your robux? do you buy it?

Haha, no, that would be absurd
Just some dev

why no

what did you dev

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