How much should i sell my batches of 8 heavy grapeshots for?

selling cannonball business

1 rusty can

Considering you can find loose cannonballs in the cushions of your couch, I’d say at best you can get a legendary drinkable harming potion

I have perfect harming V you need?

bro im tryna get brig not commit lights out :skull:

8 heavy grapeshots?
i reckon 40 galleons
theyre not that valuable (you get like 13 from 1 sealed chest)

for cannonfist user it is hella valuable lol

i AM a canon fist user
and i have stockpiled hundreds of them
i sold all my ‘special’ canonballs to afford the brig, and 2 months later i have another 500 in my inventory

True - cannonballs are really easy to farm - cannon fist user too. Shooting with heavy cannonballs almost all of the time - you get them faster than you spend them in ship fights.

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i wasnt greeted with a warm welcome so u deserve it

same, the only reason why i use light canonballs is because they have more range, so i can use them to snipe the stalagtites in the caves of othrys

i also have alot of heavy explodings, but i use them for emergencies
for situations like these