How much tax are YOU picking?

no do 99% they wont revolt

“They” being the one other person in my clan, who is less active than a corpse AFAIK.

Same goes for me unfortunately. I’m the only active person in a three-player clan… I’m not even the leader :sob:

this is the CIA, we tax the taxes

no no, this is a good idea
you see, you get 199% tax,
you just give 101% back to the money collector and keep the other 98


10%, like a normal tax in the real world

40% like total tax in poland

what type of generic roleplay gaem crap is this

You guys forgor about passive income from buildable farms and stuff

But that depends on how much it is. If it’s a lot, we may not need taxes at all, if it’s too less, we would.

Farms!!! Ao giving me minecraft vibes rn :rofl:

im farming iron to sell to my local weapons dealer to buy weapons from him at a net positive gain for me both ways