How often do you change your pfp

a lot of people (myself included) change their pfps a bit too much. this got me thinking, how often do some of you change your pfps?

I haven’t seriously changed my (Discord) pfp in almost 3 years.

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I think I’ve only done it twice this whole time ;-;

I haven’t changed my profile picture in months really.

petition for Meta to change their Discord AND forum pfp
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Probably around monthly

I changed it like once.

a month or so


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Alot. Infact, I want to change my forum rn but I dont know what to change it too

Every few months

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Once every 6 months maybe

I change whenever I feel like it

not often

on this site? idk havent done it yet
on discord? every year or so, usually when i feel like i’ve grown as a person :fr:

occasionally i change to uh a “placeholder” pfp before i change my pfp for real
however it varies from 1 week to a couple of months

like a year or something?
im not gonna change my pfp anymore

i switch it like every month when i find better fanart

This pfp was made by me and has been used since last year or the year before… so I am going to make another with AI… some day.


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