How should i improve my build?(warrior)

fix your enchants and get new gems

It all depends on what u want out of urself and ur build to go further but i generally follow these steps:

Stat Priority:

  1. Agility
    • U literally cannot go wrong with Agility and some of it is better than nothing.
  • 75-200 range if u want to be efficient. You can go higher but that should personally just be preference.
  1. Atk Spd
    • For Warrior it’s definitely smth nice to have as it allows u to have ur attacks land faster and hit a bit more often.
  • 65-120 Should be plenty and anymore is also Preference.
  1. Power and Defense

    • For Power, given the update and how much stats u can get now. I’d say aim for the 65-100 range as anymore is sort of obnoxious but it works ig.
    • For Defense it’s the same situation but more relaxed. Aim for the 1500/1600 Range if u want to at least stand a decent chance against things.
  2. Atk Size

    • Atk Size isn’t entirely bad to have on Warrior, i’ve seen some Warlords pull some crazy hitboxes and Warriors easily are no different. But it’s mostly an optional stat imo, but if u do choose to go for it.
  • 75-120 Range is plenty (ppl use Sunken most of the time when trying to achieve Atk Size)
  1. Intensity
    • Rather niche when it comes to a lot of people, mostly useful for DoT and maybe Stun Magics. For warrior though it’s practically useless, don’t use it.

So get rid of that amulet I thought is very good, got it.

Using dark sea items I’d recommend using

Power amulet(with essence)
Cernyx boots, chestplate and faulds(all armoured with one essence )
Arcsphere with powerful

Jewels of your choice
You can also add virtuous to faulds to ease the insanity

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You’re spread a bit too thin, try to stick with 1 or 2 secondary stats.

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