How strong are the Grand Fire Curses?

The Grand Fire Curses should be fairly powerful and at least above most regular curses, but how strong are they in actuality? Can they destroy a continent? Can they evaporate lakes instantaneously?? Can they-you probably get the point by now

depending on the curse you could be one of the strongest entities with one

They’re so powerful that 2/5 users of grand fire were insane/on the path to becoming insane(torren not necessarily canon and morock)

morock fucking wiped the floor with the strongest people in the ag and lost only because he fell into the water

Well a promethean fire and scorched ultimate could probobly wipe out an big island

I thought all the grand fire curses except promethean fire was equaly as strong

Prom Flame > inferno > darkflame > scorch > aether flame

If vetex dont nerf them into equal then he got no reson not to add prom flame cause then inferno will be meta anyways

Each of them have their own buffs/bonuses
Inferno is mostly damage but will likely be smaller dark flame has spreading abilities and likely a longer dot scorch is more explosive and probably larger aoe and Aethreal flame has like blinding and higher speed

should’ve held magic shield until he could dock his boat L

me when i press the wrong key with inferno


Tfw I accidentally destroy the planet when trying to use my ult

ikr using inferno is so hard :pensive:

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Oh yea, thats one way of make them equal

use aether and darkflame for equinox flame

more like Bee Movie Flame

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