How the flippy dippy whippy am I gonna level up now?


and that when he’s done with them he would be leveled up enough to unlock other quests

Just as stupid, ofc he did the quests

Cargo runs


(warning: this is extremely soul sucking and will be a repetitive and awful slog, at least it’s effective.)

Side effects include: being able to buy a Brig (was it worth it?)

mean it has a bath so like, yea I’d say it was worth it.

(dirt is a terrible game mechanic ngl)

treasure charts give a pretty decent amount. stock up on a bunch while running around and solve them all at once

would be nice if there was a way to get marking (or a temporary version that only shows the last brick you dug) without doing charts, though. for new players

Use diving points late game, not the sea chart ones but the ones near the surface, they give xp upon completion but I would only recommend doing those around sailors lodge story level so you can actually swim for more than 5 seconds