How the flippy dippy whippy am I gonna level up now?

This is a genuine question. I want to know how to level up quicker without exploding violently into a fine red mist. Story was good enough before but now it’s fucking balls to progress without those repeatable quests. Anything helps

Try cargo

I mean valid but I got violated by Talos and now I’m salty

start driving in the lanes
or do a quicker route for cargo

exploration tasks
the other quests

  • charts
  • diving
  • combat (little exp but helps)
  • cargo (mentioned already but an option)
  • exploration tasks (mentioned and little exp, but helps too)
  • fishing out new species you havent discovered
  • sealed chests
    Theres more but this is what i thought of off the top of my head.

do the repeatable quests they give more xp then go to OTHER quests and do them all

by then you’re lvled up enough for more quests

  • Gunpowder barrels are your saving grace, 5 gunpowder is 1 level flat.
  • Do all the quest first (at least those that are easy and nearby)
  • If you gonna leave the area for good do the exploration task
  • Do charts of small islands


Treasure chart, diving spots (not recommended if don’t have water breathing potion), quests, completing exploration task, and cargo grind.

There’s a lot of thing to level up, hell you can grind bosses to level up plus get gear if you are lucky enough

gunpowder is a new idea… thanks

Man are you are blind or just stupid

He’s opticalcord. A fun new flavor of mental stupidity


Right it seems I forgot

Read the post again

For me, just doing all the side quests and exploration tasks that you normally skip was enough. Though I wasn’t in a rush and I hit max level at 13.5 hours since I took some quests slow and also did ship combat. If I was trying to go faster it would be at least 11 or under

4.8 however is fucking crazy

I did

He asks how to lvl up since repeatable quests are gone and u told him to do repeatable quests…

no I told him to do the quests and they give more xp now
and he does all of them instead of doing the same one multiple times

I’m not stupid

You wanted to say that he should do quests which were repeatable before, but turned into just massive exp quests?

Have you checked it yourself to be sure that it works effectively?