How the heck

Infamy system needs a revamp how tf is “The Lost Pirates” made by a YouTuber with a picture of alurius keep number 2 guild and legendary

Infamy revamp now.

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Territory gets active members I believe (Also becoming the agamatsu of AO)

I wanted suncry and CC to keep fighting for #1, always thought it was funny and ironic how both of them have to do with spheres that only show at certain times of the day :nod:

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Too bad CC’s leader had an attention grab tantrum and ruined it for all the CC members

Tbh though they should make their own logo and make a cooler name

They had the moon and sun fighting that guy wasn’t wrong about guilds having names something with space :sob:

I dislike the idea of youtuber clans, its much more fun to watch overly sweaty competitive players try to fight for a big number in a lego game

Can’t believe it that a non-serious clan is hogging a leaderboard spot. Non-serious clans aren’t allowed to have fun and are reserved for low life trash players!

  • Me if I was evil