How to avoid trollers

I AM TIRED of seeing people taking the same bait from a troll OVER AND OVER again like it's taking the entire bucket of candy when it says "TAKE ONE"


Just ignore them, dumbass

IT’S SO EASY JUST TO CLICK OFF THE TOPIC YET I SEE SO MANY PEOPLE FALL FOR THE BAIT IT’S INFURIATING. It’s better to ignore them than watch it spiral out of control because YOU TOOK THE BAIT.

“But I’m bored”


It will CLEARLY escalate if you decide to take the bait it’s just better to ignore them outright. AND how about you get OFF this PLATFORM FOR ONCE?? Take a break from the forums if you’re bored

You can also play along dumbass.

And for some reason, if you don’t like ignoring them just play along man that also works we dont need a 100000099373827273773 word argument because of some DUMBASS taking A BAIT

Ending thingy mcboober idk

I am tired of people taking bait when it is so obvious it’s a troll. Like you can ignore them or play along instead of screaming like a bitch because oh no! SOMEBODY MADE A BAIT POST.


Thanks bro this message changed my life for the better I’ve never saw anything so emotional

wow this is so inspirational and life changing like thank you so much derp from the arcane odyssey forums by vetexgames

what if i wanna troll the troller

No no NO NO NO. It usually escalates it

Derp I don’t think you understand, I am not the one in danger, I AM the danger.

derp, what if I find it really fucking funny

Still feeding them attention

look guys there’s this magical button that makes trolls vanish instantly and the best part is you can access it for free:

(unless the troll goofy as hell then don’t use this)

alright lads new trend:
whenever someone’s starting some shit for some stupid obviously trolling reason and someone falls for the bait start spamming this at them


Im all in for this lmao

This is not true lol trollers dont exist its not possible :joy:

we already failed from that kid spamming that shit ass cancellation attempt vid

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Bro stfu you argue with trolls like you’re fighting for your life