How to be funny in vetex games discord (tutorial)

Everybody wants to be funny, especially in a roblox discord server. As a known comedian in vetex games discord, I have decided to turn my years of knowledge into a guide.

Step 1: Get a good role

This is easily the hardest step to becoming funny, but it is also the most important. It is well know that it is impossible to be funny without a high rank, because you can’t be funny if you are new.
There are three ways of obtaining a good role.

Option 1: Grind Mee6 levels and get the level 25 role
Saying “h” repeatedly in general is a fast way to get this one.

Option 2: Nitro boost the server
This is not a good option if you’re broke, since you need to pay for it.

Option 3: Become an artist
Becoming an artist can be easy or hard depending on who you are, but this one can be the most fun to get.

It is also possible to get a high rank through becoming a tester or moderator, but that has an astronomically low chance of happening to the average chump.

Step 2: Post something funny

Once you have a role that is good enough, you now need to post something that will actually make people laugh. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Option 1: Say the n word
Not advised for people who don’t have a nitro booster role, since it can easily get you muted.

Option 2: Say "h"
This is the safest method, but it isn’t the most effective.

Option 3: Post a WoM screenshot in memes
Can only be done by people who have image perms, but it is easily the best option.

Option 4: Ping vetex (last resort)
If all else fails, don’t worry. Pinging vetex is a quick and easy way to be funny. The only downside is the chance to be banned.

Step 3: Capitalize

Now that everybody can see that you are a true comedian, you can now sit back and enjoy your new position in the server, a comedian.
You have to stay active to maintain your status, so make sure you keep posting funny things.



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wheres my funni role

(Not satire)

who art thou

i dont make idea what is this but im funny now

another way is to be tester, then everyone will laugh at your funny jokes.

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It worked I said @everyone like 5 times total, even got other people to start saying it as well. So I’m a comedian now!
Edit: wait tf @everyone works on the forum too
Edit 2: fuck I said it again

I fell for that and I hate everything

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Also disrespect SunCry

And that’s not all

Now that’s funny.
Hating on specific groups of people on the internet for no reason is always a very intelligent and funny thing to do. Funny reputation guaranteed.
The same thing applies to verifieds and level 10s, you can always hate on them to show how much of a comedian you are.