How to beat Prince Revon

Phase 1: he will start with 400 hp BUT DON’T BE FOOLED, once his hp gets to 0 phase 2 will start and that is when things get difficult. Note: he can attack in this phase, but it won’t deal much damage.

Phase 2: After phase 1 he will fully regen his hp and gain an additional 9600Hp. He will use normal weapon attacks with Ravenna great sword, and Both strength weapons from General Argos. staying out of range is best for this part.

Phase 3: at 9000 Hp he will begin to use Aether magic in his weapons and attacks similar to Calvus, but with a color of light blue. Blocking is very useful for this Phase and highly recommended.

Phase 4: at 8000 Hp he will inflict bleed, burning, poison, melting, blinded, scorched, drain, and charred. His magic attacks will also spawn ash clouds, water puddles, lava, and glass shards. hide behind the hills and walls around the area getting hit here will hurt. If in an open area spam the dodge button. the ground is no longer your friend.

Phase 5: at 5000 he will summon 12 Ravena Centurions that act as clones and tank damage for Revon. each has 999 hp and will inflict the same effects as Phase 4. AOE is your friend here switching to max attack size armor will greatly increase your chances of surviving this Phase.

Phase 6: Revon will now get a little mad and send you to the dark sea and then will throw Ravenna at you dealing 69420 damage (blocking does not negate damage only parrying will save you here). As soon as you get Yeeted spawn in your ship, as it will be your only way to gain stamina back.

Phase 7: Revon will spawn in his own ship. it is a brig with 50000hp and 6000 ram damage. the ship will only fire Heavy Explosive Grape Chain shots. these will fire at a rate of 0.7 per second.
Maxing your ship in speed is a necessity in this fight. No amount of hp on your ship will save you if you get hit.

Phase 8: after you sink Revon’s ship, he will send you to Brazil and gain 200% increased attack size and a General Agros stand behind him. He will summon the wrath of your browser history and post it in the server. Delete your current browser history from the past month to counter that.

Phase 9: at 4000Hp Revon will now become Vergil and begin to use Yamato which one shots if hit. He will now gain the power of tax evasion. If you don’t have more then 10000 Galleons you will die instantly. Fighting Vergil in dmc 5 will help to understand this phase as it is very similar.

Phase 10: at 1000Hp he will gain the power of every magic, weapon, fighting style, and all spirit weapons at once. He will gain the projectile spam of a terraria calamity boss, ChatGPT chess skill, invisibility, 99% Damage reduction, the strength of a Reaper Levithan from subnuatica, the ability to find your IP, the speed of a cat after hearing pspsps, Nanomachines, and will block every projectile with his lightsaber. He however will not block potions so it is best to use harming potions as it will be your only form of damage.

Phase 11: After he hits 1 hp he will become immune to all damage except for the old dagger in which you were given at the start of the game. Abilities do not work only M1ing. If Revon senses that you have league of legends, overwatch, or Genshin impact he will summon the ban hammer and ban you. if you do a frame perfect dash you can land 1 hit before he attacks again successfully defeating him.

Revon will now die of cringe and your character will exclaim skill issue.

Revon’s drops include 0.1 galleons, 1 sand dollar, Yamato, Aether magic scroll, Average Brazilian fighting style scroll, Argos Stand, the Griddy, Jetstream Sam plushie, Not a furry pass signed by Obama, and -100000 Xp.


Couldn’t even fit him in the entire frame because he’s too massive

Bro thought he was a mario boss :sob:

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