How to confirm you will get WoM player badge in Arcane Odyssey

So some people might have worried will they get the WoM bade in AO but don’t worry for you because this is the perfect guide!
Step 1
Go to World of Magic and click on any badge but we are using the tutorial complete badge.

Step 2
When you have clicked on the badge, you should say you have earned this badge.

Which means anyone who owns the tutorial badge, donator and struck by lighting will have the WoM badge. Including little timmy who just played the game before the release date.
Thanks for reading!
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Problem is, how do I do the tutorial?
It’s 2 hard for me

go in game on alt, waste 5 minutes of your life and gg ez you got badge. or donate money so vetex grants you donater role or somethin idk

How 2 get AA badge.

step 1: discover time travel

step 2: kill your past self

step 3: profit

step 4: paradox the universe out of existence

How to get AA beta tester

Step 1. Bribe Vetex with a few hundred dollars to make AA paid access again
Step 2. Buy the game
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit

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At this point just time travel, remind him to prevent people from obtaining the welcome to AA badge once the game is broken and prevent the removal of gen 3 being AA post release

How to get OF badge.

step 1: get a bible

step 2: get a matt

step 3: get on your knees

step 4: pray

didnt work, already have it

obviously it didnt work if you ALREADY HAVE IT


Instructions unclear. Currently in the hospital after getting struck by lightning

instructions unclear, ended up in yo mom’s house

Instructions unclear, just liberated my math class using bubble wands

POV: you are a game journalist