How to farm The Exiled efficiently [GUIDE]

Little step-by-step guide I’m making after fighting The Exiled for a bit. I hope this is useful to some of you. Happy hunting

Solo Method
Advantages of fighting The Exiled solo:

  • Guaranteed 10% chance of an item
  • No intrusion from other players
  • No risk of death from friendly fire

Suggested preparations:

  • A shield
  • At least 800HP and high power
  • Hero questline, tracking enabled for The Exiled, or a tracking alt
  • Heavy magics (Iron, Gold, Earth, ect.)

How to start the battle:

  1. Stand 120m away from The Exiled.
  2. Fire a 3-5x blast directly at him, and another single blast if possible.
  3. Run towards him to ensure you won’t get killed off quickly by his slashes.

How to deal main DPS:

  1. Get close to The Exiled.
  2. Wait for him to use an attack. Block for all attacks.
  3. After he uses an attack and you block it, use a 3x blast/40% self explode while sitting on him (standing extremely close-by)
  4. Repeat til’ he’s dead.

How to fight in groups


  • Higher DPS in general
  • Possibility of getting multiple drops per boss


  • High power, hard dull defense amulet
  • Any magic works, but for slower ones, use beams and placed explosions when necessary.
  • Limited group size if you have more interest in getting drops.

How to start the battle:

  1. Tell everyone to charge a multi-blast at the same time. If they don’t, and just jump right in, or someone aggro’s him on accident, skip this part.
  2. Keep your distance and make sure you aren’t a victim of friendly fire.

How to deal DPS

  1. When a teammate aggro’s The Exiled, start hitting him with blasts.
  2. When you aggro him, dodge until he aggro’s onto your teammate.
  3. Refrain from using explosions and beams, as they do less damage than blasts and can potentially kill your teammates.
  4. Repeat til’ dead.


  • Stand near the right turn in the road leading up to the Silent Tower while waiting for the next Exiled to spawn, he’ll always spawn at an acceptable distance away.
  • Melee weapons don’t work.
  • Use a high jump spell when The Exiled uses a 3x/7x ranged slash. Most of the time, you’ll dodge all of them.

How to farm The Exiled sub-optimally :
Do not die
Let the rest of the raid group do the work

:ok_hand: 0.3% drop chance

just let him fall in the ocean

dodging tips:
use high jump spells when he uses 3 or 7 airslashes, chances are you’ll dodge most if not all

I’m planning on farming the exiled for the sword and shield on my weapon only run. What weapons would be best, not including sunken sword?

None, he’s immune to anything that isn’t magic.

any weapon that has an ability which can bypass exiled’s melee immunity, like great spin or something

I’ve been using Vastira, but it doesn’t really do as much damage as my self explode at about 81 damage vs. 117 against Exiled.