How To Fight A Boss

Bosses can be a real pain in the ass to fight, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Keep reading to see a relatively fool-proof strategy you can try out whenever you run into one next time.


The Minotaur specializes in close-ranged attacks:

  • He can yeet his axe at you with surprisingly good accuracy, dealing medium damage
  • A large double spin that hacks off a substantial amount of HP, along with dissolving any magic blasts
  • His signature charging move, which does enormous damage if you get caught with your pants down
  • A downwards slam that acts as another of his AOE moves, he is completely invincible when using this attack (look for the 4-point star glint, it signifies his invulnerability).
  • A heavy close-range kick that does more damage than the ball-whipping in Casino Royale

What you want to do is fight him at range, and on uneven terrain. None of his attacks can pass through solid material, so it’ll be good if you can get some cover between the two of you. I suggest getting on top of a cliff, but if everything around you is flat, then use the rocks and trees as temporary cover (a single axe throw demolishes them). What’s also good is that the Minotaur’s charging move cannot inflict destruction, which means a single tree in front of him can save you 300 hp.

As said, he is heavily CQC-based, so keep your distance or else he’ll spam his attacks and eat you alive. You only attack between his attacks, so you can spank him without being punished. DO NOT try trading blows: he has 3k hp and you have less than half of that.

Wear him down by peak-a-booming over and over again and eventually you’ll kill him. If needed, use your jumping spells and T-jumps to dodge the axe throw, otherwise it should be a turkey shoot because all you need to do is keep a lot of distance between each other.


The Exiled is much more complicated as he possesses a much larger variety of moves:

  • A beam-like attack that does an underwhelming amount of damage, but being pelted by this constantly can easily drain your hp.
  • A shockwave self-explosion that does a significant amount of damage
  • 3 or 7 incredibly accurate slashes, get hit by all projectiles and you can kiss your hp goodbye, what’s more, they can pass through solid objects.
  • A shield slam similar to the Minotaur’s kick that also does more damage than the ball-whipping in Casino Royale
  • A jump attack that involves him gliding over to you and meleeing you repeatedly, it doesn’t deal as much damage but you should still look out for it
  • He has this ability that guarantees him invincibility, which is denoted by the same 4-point star as the Minotaur. He uses this more generously and people often call it a bug when none of their attacks do damage to him.

The best way to deal with him is to fight him close-up, no matter how scary it might be. You see, the AI that he runs on makes it more likely for him to use a CQC move when you’re close and use a ranged attack when youre far away. The biggest thing you should watch out for is his slashing attack, since it does a stupid amount of damage and can clip through objects. As a result, don’t bother taking cover. Also, don’t get too close to him, either. He still has close-ranged attacks he can use if you disrespect his boundaries.

It’s best to dodge and block instead, since he doesn’t do as much damage as the Minotaur. Remember, he might have just 1.5k hp, but since all damage done to him is halved, technically he has 3k just like the Minotaur.

The Exiled’s invincibility works like this: he can activate it any time he wants, but it is disabled every time he uses an attack. As a result, save your energy when you see that star.; and once he attacks you, start spanking him.

You need to use your jumps extensively when fighting him because of his dangerous attacks, but blocking is also a viable option if you have a good shield. Prance around and punish him until he gets dead.

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Cool guide, but the Minotaur can be easily cheesed if you got pretty high ground

You forgot about using 20 blasts… :nod:


This is too wrong for me to correct

I recommend the Counterstorm strategy.
I discovered it and named it.
Ok someone else probably found it too but here you go:

Exiled has a distinct Raging Storm animation, he pulls his sword in and starts slashing. The moment you see this, if you’ve got good reflexes you can use a Raging Storm of your own in order to counter his, since the two clash. This was especially good back when it actually did damage, but now it’s just ok for blocking attacks and dealing some weak damage.

Thus, the actual strategy against exiled is to stay away, dealing damage via small blasts and becoming effectively untouchable with high jumps and Counterstorm.

And as for mino?

Just cheese him from on top of a cliff/rock/thing.


I’d say it would be better to stay up close, since it unlocks more of the Exiled kit (most of them aren’t spammable and can be easily avoided). Plus, running away makes it harder to hit the Exiled as well.

The only caveat for this method is that you WILL need a shield (preferably the WoJ), so that you can safely negate his Raging Storm spam.

Why would you want exiled to do more stuff?

At range the only three things he’ll do are
a) spam raging storm
b) throw his sword at you
c) chase you

And the solutions are:
a) counterstorm
b) high jump
c) run away

Exiled can be beaten through sheer attrition.

Hitting the exiled is pretty easy since he just stops moving every now and then, and what’s more, 80% of the time your Raging Storm is longer than his, so you do some (very little) damage while you take no damage.

If you are at medium range then you would be close enough to have the exiled perform melee attacks (such as the air compression attack and his kick) but be far enough away to not be in the hitbox.

I should also state that I don’t have an oathkeeper, so this is probably worse if you do have an oath and are able to perform the counterstorm attack.

or you can just spam explosions on them and keep back until it die

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its far easier to fight exiled up close, his raging storm is the strongest move of his by far. He doesnt use this move up close and all of his other moves are easy to block/dodge making it MUCH much faster to fight him up close than at range.

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