How to gain infamy quickly

Can someone give me some tips on how to gain infamy quickly for my guild?

  1. Wait For AO

  2. Profit


waste of time imo cuz its being reset

oh so you want infamy?

  • kill every low level you see, even the level 1 that cause threeats
  • scam everyone
  • kill people fishing and spam ez
  • use lightning because everyone hates lightning users

conglatulations, you are now the most infamous person on magius

you don’t gain infamy atall, and wait for AO
best strat right here you’re all welcome guys


Waiting for Misinput’s input

i still respect anybody who still grinds, as i still grind myself. ill give you tips

  • run along the paths. its rare you find people deep in forest
  • ALWAYS go towards any sound of magic / weapons
  • look to see if guild person is farming exiled / mino
  • if the person is bad rep, check to see if they are starting threats / demon hunting
  • check if guild person is in a team. try and see other people who are in a team in the server. this can give you a tip on who to look out for, as they could be with friends.
  • dont underestimate big groups of people unless you can kill the guild person quickly.
  • always try and look for their name in chat when they cast a spell / talk.
  • check their fish count to see if they are fishing. if they are fishing, check their inventory. what region fish do they have? look in those fishing areas
  • dont alt farm or ill whoop you (by that i mean politely telling the mods (; )

some small not needed advice, but its still good to know / do

  • dont say anything or say gg after killing someone. dont be toxic EVER. even if they are toxic to you. best to ignore
  • do not combat log or ill whoop you
  • best not to approach someone you know is better than you
  • NEVER interrupt a pvp match for infamy. politely wait until they are finished, then kill the guild person when they are waiting. be careful, as i said previously, never underestimate groups. if they are pvping, they probably know how to play. getting 2v1’d is never fun

some advice when ganking (yes i call it ganking even when solo)

  • be wary of other people. some people like to protect the guild person / their friend
  • i suggest wearing a nimble agility amulet. people LOVE to run when you attack them. always good to catch up.
  • be stealthy ninja. sneak up on them and quad barrage them for maximum damage
  • when there is a guild in a group, pinpoint the leader. target them first. they are your best source of infamy and your biggest threat
  • treat ganking like a pvp match. dont just aimlessly blast
  • dont be afraid to run when you are low
  • know how to play in water. people have a tendency to run into the ocean when getting attacked.
  • dont talk when chasing / fighting someone, even if they talk to you. people love to trash talk or tell you to calm down. some people even think rep is the main focus of the game. they will try and call you out for killing them when youre the same rep of them. its quite funny, actually

Remember kids, don’t gank fishing people.

Unless they’re toxic. Then feel free to delete them from existence.

Step 1: make a guild on another account and do that 17 times
Step 2: buy 16 computers
Step 3: kill the alt accounts using your main

Beg Vetex to upper your guild’s status to Legendary

i disagree

if youre in a guild, you sign up to being killed for infamy. the only instance you shouldnt gank someone is if they are pvping

just use hacks lmao noobs

i have literally clapped every exploiter who is in a guild
wom exploits arent broken lol

alt farm :troll:

Don’t beg… Seduce- :flushed:

  1. Level 44 or under are un rkable :pensive:
  2. I offered my mino leggings for 6 infamy :troll:
  3. We chill tho
  4. I’m hated… :frcryin:

no one even knows you


Imma come down to your class and knock the shit out of you brother your legit pissing me off. I’ll just beat your ass when we get home. :lipbite: