How to get 100 likes easily on the forums

Say “Don’t like my message”
and make a joke about vetexgames at the right time and say the right thing

also post a AO leak about a good 4 times


I’m not liking your post.


Simple as that folks!

like this message for boobs in AO


I’ll pass.

the good ending

like this message for no boobs in ao

reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology: do not not like this post (not) (not)

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yeah likes thats gonna happeN
dont like my message
i love having sex with vetexgames
ao leak:

like if ao
no like if ar

make shitty image editing threads

worked for me
twice i might add

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Shit’s a forum tradition at this point, to have their pfp edited by TAITC come Christmas time. Even if the person is an artist or can edit themselves it’s law they come to you.

Hey good idea

  • 50% more likely to receive likes with the tester title equipped
    trust :mariomug:
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Don’t like this kid

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and post the most irrelevant aotu patch notes on the planet