How to get more people to play AO

step 1.) create an anime avatar/model

step 2.) become a v-tuber

step 3.) play AO

step 4.) profit


good marketing tactic
i’ll consider it

Holy you got it all figured out

will do

Would being a girl help or hinder this process?

help, of course.

bruh i gotta get into YT again ;_;

become very hot v-tuber woman and then make a lot of controversy around yourself and then people will come to your twitch stream or youtube channel and see that you are playing AO and then they will try it out

we need someone who can rig models

GMod Ragdolls.

Arcane Odyssey’s popularity after the use of this tactic

business is booming

add pets

Add boobs
1000 IQ play and vetex already wants to :brain:

This… This is the most ingenious, galaxy-brain, 5000 IQ idea in all of existence.
You have ascended beyond humanity. Your mind is transhuman. Your mental existence is the next step in evolution. You’ve finally done it.

try it

Nah. To hard
Release a onlyfans