How to Get Sunken Items

Salutations, everyone. Today, I will explain what Sunken items are in World of Magic and how to obtain them.

Backstory: What are Sunken Items?
Sunken items are rare pieces of the Sunken set, which the set contains three pieces of armor and one weapon. Every Sunken piece has a base chance of 1/8000 to be caught. Theoretically, this is a stacked chance. What I mean by this is, you’ll first need to get a bag through fishing to be able to get a Sunken item. Once so, you may find a piece of the set inside of the bag.

How the Chance Works (Most likely incorrect, still makes sense)
Theoretically, - If a bag has a 1/10 chance of being caught, the chances are stacked with that of finding a Sunken item in the bag, (multiplied) meaning the actual chance of finding a Sunken item in a bag would be 1/800 since 10 x 800 is 8,000.

How do I Get Sunken Items?
First, you need to be level 50 or above to find Sunken items. They are only obtainable through fishing or trading. The best fishing rod to obtain Sunken items through fishing is the Collector’s Rod, and the best enchant is Luring. A great alternative enchant would be Magnetic. Luring is still slightly better.

How Valuable are Sunken Items?
Sunken items are better than boss drop items, being harder to obtain, and less valuable than Headless Heads. They are still very valuable nonetheless.

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Well with the right piece that has the right enchant it’s worth the same, trading with right person you might not need to overpay too much. (Generally this is true though)

Eh, you can never be too sure.

Sunken items come from a unique drop pool, which happens to use the same bag and be boosted by all the same multipliers as getting a normal item - it’s a reasonable mistake to make, but they’re not just a rare item drop.

We know this because in the early fishing updates, there was a bug where players under level 50 could get the “Sunken Treasure Found” popup, but wouldn’t actually get a sunken item (because they weren’t eligible for any). This only makes sense if “Sunken Item” is a seperate roll outside regular items.

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basically you suffer for 3000 years.

I know the information there is incorrect, but I was trying to explain how to get Sunken items as if they were a stacked chance, since they come from bags. Do you want me to delete the sections or keep them as reference?

I got two sunken swords while fishing for the headless head. They are definitely worth less.

You can’t fish for headless heads…

Ah that’s pretty crazy ngl

Dude was talking about the seasonals you needed to get headless

Shit man you got really really lucky then

not for long
once ao comes out headless will be worth way more, as there will be more players meaning there will be a lower concentration of headless heads.

I didn’t say anything about it being equal still on AO’s release…

TL;DR: suffer

Quick question: how “slightly” better is a luring fishing rod than a mag one? Does it save you like 10 minutes or an hour? Is it worth getting if you already have a mag?

I did the maths a while ago but it got deleted when headless got bored of the fishing category.

iirc it’s something extremely minor like 1.22x vs 1.2x
so ~10 minutes saved for every 10 hours of fishing

Your fishing technique is more important than min-maxing your rod.

yeah ill just keep using my mag rod then, that 1.5x item find looks visually better anyway IMO lols

thanks! I was about to get it

1 in 2000 for any sunken, 1 in 8000 for a specific one

im kinda late but can sunkens be found in any body of water?