How to get your guild active!

So I’ve had @Cosmos tell me to do a tutorial on how to get your guild active.
If you want other tutorials on guilds, go check out @Rosie’s tutorial on how to start a guild and my tutorial on how to keep your guild’s reputation alive!

Anyway let’s begin.

1 - Active event hosting.

If you want an active guild, you should always make events whenever you are able to. Or get staff to do it. It doesn’t have to be WoM events necessarily, any events people will like may do the job. Don’t make WoM events in periods that WoM is dry, because not many people will care about them.

2 - Allying with the bigger guilds.

Allying with guilds that can help you is always a good idea. It can boost your activity and get you more known around the guild community. Suggestions are Roselight Guardians, Ashes of Valcrest, Spellbreakers, etc.

3 - Integrating yourself in the community.

Entering the community is always important and for the most part, a great idea. The first way to do that is to enter the Forum Community. Be active there and often advertise your guild. Of course it’s not all about guilds, so try entering other parts too. Next is entering the Guild Hub Community. Although toxic and quite bad at times, it will get you known around there and help you with overall guild growth. But you should also beware of yourself if you do that, as saying something wrong can be a dead sentence.

Hope this forum post helps!

Bonus - Engaging with your community.

My bad I forgot to add this. Really important too. If you have a guild, try to engage with the community. Talk with them, and try to have fun conversations. It might seem awkward, but a guild where they don’t feel talked to can make them leave or become an inactive member.

Maybe I should try and find someone who can host events other than me? Because I can only play on the weekends (+Fridays), so I can’t do that many events anymore. But what I also really need is more players that are good at PVP

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Our pvp side is stinky yet we’re still doing really good. If you’re more of a community guild, don’t go heavy on PVP, although it will likely be required once guild update drops. As for events, yes, get other people to do it. Anyone will work actually considering event hosters don’t need staff perms, so there’s no risk of staff abusing.

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maybe add this as a reminder:

Dont ally with toxic guilds.

It may bring some dumbasses and idiots into your guild, which most of you clearly dont want.

Ah yes, the truest advice for new guilds.

We’ve made that mistake :pensive:

As the leader of Armada I say that this guide is not the most reliable source.

Get ganking it inspires team thinking and helps communities grow, I never made too many allies and you don’t need any if all the people are friends.

wasn’t this pre-guild update or smthing

no this was 2 days after guild update


n e c r o m a n c i n g

Suncry ally when


this guide is absolutely fucking horrible bro