How to hide your guild [Id 5904443080]

Basically you use a image that has only a transparent background which makes it not possible to see that your in a guild untill they hover over where guilds are but it makes you less of a target.
But sadly right now you can’t change the main image on a guild so it requires you redo the whole guild but some times it can be very usefull.
Here take this id: “5904443080”, and put it in your guild to get a icon that is invisible.

“just use a blank png”
thanks for the tutorial!

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Well, when someone is checking if the server is viable for infamy hunting they will most likely run their mouse down the player list where the guilds would be and check how many guilds pop up, because some may simply be not loaded because it’s Roblox we’re talking about here.
So this doesn’t really save you from the people you really need saving from.

Thanks for helping you

I suppose it just saves you from some people but if you want at least something then this could help.

You know, I’ve never thought of this before

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Did people follow my guild or did people found this out for themselfs?

Where is the image we copy?

try 5904443096

actually use this: 5904443080

It was supposed to be a joke because it’s a textureless image

Well I don’t care you got your id if you want to use it then do so