How to level up deckhands

does enyone know how you level the deckhands like actual level not upgrading but level

don’t you just talk to them

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They just randomly level up, dunno but that’s what I notice, at one point it’s lvl 66 then the next it’s lvl 74 without even upgrading their tier. One of my deckhands even reached lvl 125 despite only being lvl 84 at first, really confusing considering I cant really upgrade their tiers

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the thing is have 2 legandarys and they are both under level 40 how do i get them to 125 now breh they arent lvling upo

Try tracking their levels after doing a few times of pirate hunting, could be that

Update, I think they just level up by sailing. I just saw them raise up one level despite not even sinking ships

they level up as you gain more fame/bounty

upon further inspection it seems to be 1k fame is 1 lvl
if my theaory is right

depends on the tier as i know

yeah nvm i jsut got 8k fame and all it went up was 2 levels

ok so idk how are others but for my legandarys it scaled their level with my fame but by 100k like i have 560k and they are lvl 56 so in order to get htem to 125 level i mma need 1.25millinnar