How to like someone's cut

Step 1 - Find someone with slappable hair [recently cut or bald]

Step 2 - Put a liquid [preferrably an oil] on your hand

Step 3 - Say “I like ya cut, G” right behind the victim

Step 4 - SLAP the back of their head with your oiled hand

Step 5 - Profit

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oh hi @HeeHo
puts oil on hand
“I like ya cut, G!”
“Wh-” S L A P
Profit time

i like yuh cut g
gong sound

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Don’t forgot to be on a bike while doing so since force = mass x acceleration so just ride at 50 miles per hour with a oiled hand and bing bang bong you gave a person brain damage.

@Asteria i like your cup g :flushed:

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I am g cup yes

what in the world-

“I like ya cut, senpai!”
slaps your dog furry head cutely