How to lower ping

Okay this has gotten into bullshit status.

In every server that isn’t USE and USC my ping ends up getting to 600+ in AS I don’t even know where to begin.

Even in USE I can end up getting 500 ping in a fight.

In USC I end up getting over 300. AND THAT’S THE BEST SERVER rn. I’ve taken every measure except for buying my broke ass a gaming pc. But at this point I guess im gonna have to because this is just bullshit stacked on top of bullshit.

To lower ping you just have to play in a server filled with people in similar regions. Asia servers would have enormous ping for you since their internet widely varies also taking the distance to account.

Internet can affect your ping but it is usually the other players within the server that can affect your ping along with the server location.

Bro I got 32K ping the last time I opened WoM, for medical reasons I will now be on a hiatus.


Other players don’t affect your ping at all unless they’re inherently doing something that effects the server. (Like making a 5 mile long ash cloud.)

Really? well damn, thank you for correcting me then.

Yeah. Like the casuals that destroy silent tower or aka The one type of players I will happily kill as they actually pose a threat to me. Well. my fps.

I’d assume these are spikes and your average ping in a USE is around 150 from the Northern United States and ~100-120ish in USC servers(These servers are weird for some reason imo, I sometimes get 40 ping and sometimes get 200). So, best thing to do is get an ethernet cable, if that’s not working it’s probably faulty, a poor CPU, or bottlenecking.

Oh yeah I read up on how ethernet is infinitely better than wireless. I’ll try to see if the one I have rn works

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That was probably internet problems…

go to your desired game and click on the servers tab

go to any server, preferrably one with a low player count as that usually has the best ping

if you get an error code you’re fucked and there’s nothing you can do

if you want to access smaller servers in games with large player counts i’d advise you get the Roblox+ chrome extension due to the fact that you can easily spam click through the server lists

That is completely wrong, the lowest servers are usually AS and that’s might be good ping for you assuming ThatAsianInTheCorner lives in Asia but that’s not good for anyone non-AS.

Does technically provide a small FPS boost though

get good wifi

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the lowest servers are not AS contrary to popular belief
they’re mainly the servers that are filled with the most people

I’ve had to play on USC servers for the past 5 months
I know what i’m talking about

Idk bro, when I go to the bottom it consistently puts me in AS. I consistently go to the bottom every time I’m doing something that’s not PvP in hopes of more than 20 FPS.

and even then if you don’t get the server you want you might as well hop to the next one in line and pray it’s the type you want

strange, cause it always gives me usc or eu when i go to the bottom
just keep hopping through server list and hopefully you’ll get the type you want
never use the play button
you almost never get good results

It does give me EU like 40% of the time, I never get US though (10% of the time I get USW)

Also the play button gives the best results if you have no friends.

The play button priority is

  1. Joining a Friend
  2. Closest server (Only if no friends are on)

What do other players have to do with ping?