How to make good barbecue: pro recipe (inculdes jokes)

This is a joke recipe of making barbecue. Why did I post it? Because yesterday I and my family went making shashlik barbecue cuz we celebrated holiday, which is celebrated in my country. (idk its name in English)
So to make tasty shashlik barbecue, we need:

  • random meat (it can be chicken :chicken: meat/pig :pig2: meat or sheep :sheep: meat)
  • seasonings for meat
  • brazier thing
    For fire, burning, grilling (I am literally not sure how to explain this process):
  • old bills
  • wood
  • coal
  • matches (do not use them to burn forest, house, neighbor’s garden or school)
    Additional things, not related to grilling:
  • potatoes :potato:
  • tomatoes :tomato:
  • cucumbers :cucumber:
  • dill I guess
  • something to drink
  • relatives and friends (warning: do it on your own risk, cuz they can eat everything and to not let you eat anything)
    The recipe:
  1. Take meat
  2. Chop meat
  3. Find file “bones” and delete it (yes ya understand)
  4. Add seasonings
  5. Put meat at those long metal narrow things. Idk how this in English, literally.
  6. Grill! (Remember - use brazier thing, meat won’t taste same if you grill on gas grill!)
    This is how looks like this special brazier item:
    Warning: of course it is not full recipe. Shashlik is not a simple barbecue, but a Caucasian (sometimes better!) version. So better find video which will show you how to prepare.

Disclaimer: if you get poisoned after using this recipe, it’s not my fault. Hehe. But there’s really small risk, hopefully you don’t have allergy on meat or something


How to make good barbecue: pro recipe



If people will want I to post the full recipe, I will do

So I added every ingredient now

Do the full recipe

Do you want I to post full recipe?
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  • No, get outta

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If most forumers will want, I will post the entire recipe, but it’ll take a lot of time and I’ll just add it in first post by editing.

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bro give us a pic of that good cooking

Alright I posted full recipe

Actually I don’t have a photo but there are some stolen from internet which are literally same:
:chicken: Chicken shashlik​:point_up:

:pig2: Pig shashlik :point_down:

I said that it’s additional and warned that do at your own risk :wink:

no more scam, hehe.

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