How to make the Galleon worth something

If Vetex does these 2 things:

  1. Makes running out of things to spend money on take a long time.
  2. Adds the player auction.

Galleons will be worth something because there will be demand for them from newer players, so they can buy things from the stores. Experienced players’ money will not just pile up, as they’ll be buying items from the player auctions with their galleons. So basically there is hope for trading to become fun at some point.

I just hope he just removes crown codes or donating crowns because it’s honestly just useless tbh

the auction actually sounds really good, and stores definitely need to sell more stuff than just the basics.


I had an idea. What if stores had a random chance to have random items? Something like this:
1/4000 chance that a rare item is available in a store, 1499/4000 chance that three uncommon items are available in a store, and 2500/4000 that the three items are common.

So most of the time stores will have 3 random common items, every now and then they’ll have 3 uncommon items, and extremely rarely you might find something like a sunken helm for sale in a store.

Might have already said this before but boats are definitely gonna be a big spender of galleons. People are gonna want to carry around crowns for whenever their boat gets damaged and also people are gonna spend quite a bit on boat upgrades.
Also with islands it might be slightly harder or longer to grind chests so that could increase galleon value, even without a code active chests were an easy way to get to max galleons pretty fast.

Basically I think things will be fine as long as we dont have any huge source of crowns readily available, if codes are less useful and chests are more uncommon galleons should be more valuable with the game’s current plan.


I think crown codes in the future will mean nothing to a higher level player to be honest.

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not gonna happen until TGR, and even then it’ll just be a lower value for crowns or something

I think galleons value might not be as issue as long as people use the auction house although it really depends on how easy they are to obtain

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