How to make this ship faster

deckhands, other than that i think you are as fast as possible

also, that is a hemp sailcloth, right?

All my deckhands are speed and yes

are ketch boats good for cannon combat?

i would help but i genuinely have no clue

Sailors as your crew, they give better resistance than the Ravenna deserters

Personally I’d go resilience > speed somewhat, you can get that resilience up a bit (~90%) while keeping most of your speed I believe.

four cannons with a lot of health is pretty good

Wait what, 110 speed? What ive got is 112 speed…

with what equipped?

Your speed is high, but your resilience is lacking.
With a speed stat this high, replacing your speed deckhands for resilience deckhands would probably give you an overall boost in speed since you’re losing 25% of your speed when you aren’t going with the wind (I think)

3 deckhands with all having 4 speed stat, swift hemp cloth and swift reinforced wooden framing

It doesnt matter much ngl, only lose about 25% of speed if I went against the wind’s direction

well each speed deckhand gives about 4 speed while each resilience deckhand gives 6% resilience.
Losing 12 speed would set the stat to 98.
Gaining 18% resistance would set that stat to 93%.

Losing 25% speed from 110 sets the speed all the way down to 82.5.
Losing 7% speed from 98 only sets it down to 91.25.

Unless you’re using the 110 speed facing directly in the direction of the wind, resilience is the better choice for deckhands.

Huh, that actually is faster but here’s the thing, is the direction of the wind the same throughout the whole map or just like randomly spawning stuff where it appears on some part of the map?

Tried to test some speed stuff in the game rn but I noticed that there are some parts of the map where the wind direction is visible but some parts cant be seen.

If it really were the case where wind direction only affects randomly on some parts of the map, then will resilience matter that much when all is needed to do would be to avoid that area?

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is the speed debuffed if you’re only facing slightly towards the wind?

Nvm, it’s just because I have quality on automatic :rofl:

Resilience really is better if you want to stay within 90+ speed but man it’s still better to stay with 110/112 speed considering if we put it in a situation such as cargo trading where we go back and forth redwake and ravenna then wouldnt the max speed build still win?

Considering for max speed build you’d get 84 + 112 = 196 total speed or 82.5 + 110 = 192.5 but with resilience and speed build it’s 83 + 100 = 183 or 91.25 + 98 = 189.5

If we compare the results being that in:

resilience w/ speed:

Isnt max speed build still better?

That we arent sure since the description in-game only says against the direction of the wind, assuming it means directly

You’re probably not gonna be directly against the wind or perfectly with the wind, so how it works in the range between those is really important

This is assuming that the wind goes either directly towards or away from your destination from your starting point, it could just go sideways and be a detriment both directions.

Consistency feels like the right thing to invest in rather than sheer speed since in the vast majority of directions, you’ll be going faster than the pure speed boat.