How to play arcane odyssey NOW (100% real not clickbait not a joke etc.)

  1. First go to your nearest golf course.

  2. Stand 6 meters away from the 7th hole.

  3. Look east, take 3 steps north, two steps south and one step west.

  4. Turn around clockwise once, anticlockwise twice and clockwise another 5 times.

  5. Jump once.

  6. Draw a vetex lightning bolt on the ground with a bar of iron that has been underwater for at least 3 years (Because sunken iron)

  7. Sacrifice an animal of your choice, preferably a wasp.

  8. Write the letters A O on your forehead.

  9. Chant the words “I give my life and soul to vetexgames” 50 times.

  10. Once you have summoned vetex take a drink of water and say “Boss skills” to vetex.

  11. At this point there is a 0.0000000000001% chance vetex makes you a tester. There is a 2% chance you evaporate instantly, and a 97.9999999999999% chance you are arrested.

This is a 100% legit way of becoming a tester, and won’t get you in any legal trouble at all.

(Disclaimer this will get you in much legal trouble at all, summoning gods is generally looked down upon, especially gods as powerful as vetex)


How did you find this very old and powerful ritual ? I thought it was lost !


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A lot of trial and error

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You forgot that after invoking Vetex, you also need to invoke his master, the devil, since he is one of them, he cannot do anything without their permission.


you also need to make sure the iron bar is blue, as sunken iron = blue iron and not blue iron = not sunken iron

legend has it if you are a woman when doing this, you will have 420% increased odds of becoming tester
quadruple those chances if you have c cups or larger



How did you unearth the cursed ritual “Odyssey’s Awakening”?

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imagine reaching the daily like limit
imagine using likes at all

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You forgot the part where you need to morb

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That part is optional, although I heard it increases your chances of success by 0.000000000000000000000000000001% and chances of evaporation by 5%

dang how’d you figure this out

Quite a long story.