How to (possibly) get Bronze Sea Abolitionist (with the help of 5 friends)

  1. All 5 people must have a slot in the navy.
  2. Join a single server, and have every gravy claim an island. Since influence can’t exceed 100%, it will stay at 100%.
  3. Have every gravy leave. The navy loses around 17.5% influence whenever it loses an island, and since 5 islands are being lost, the influence should immediately tank down below the 20% threshold.
  4. The person getting the badge can then head on over to Silverhold and clear it out, claiming the island. (Note: Since the kai cheese is getting patched, the gravy people might have to rejoin on a different slot to help kill him.)
  5. Repeat for every member in the group.
    Additional Notes:
  6. The influence lost on leaving might be inconsistent depending on island, so it’s possible that 6 or possibly even 7 people may be needed. Make sure that the people claiming the islands claim the islands that give the most infamy as I believe these are the ones that give the most influence.
  7. This is pure speculation based on some tests I did; features might be in place that prevent this strategy from working. I have not tried to do this.
  8. I do not believe this is a bug, however still be weary if you try this. If this is against the rules, I will take this post down.