How to pvp with fire + Whats a good build for it

Okay, I really like fire.

My first name has to do with fire (fuck you guys im not telling you what my first name is)

I like how fire looks

I mained pyro

So yeah, I like fire and obviously your boy picked a fire save in world of magic

How do i pvp with fire? It’s pretty weird to use in my opinion right now, and I’m just really confused.

Also whats a good build for it lol

Same Here, I got 334 defence and 74 magic power and I really like it!

you press q and aim yes

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what a good response

press q

Fire PvP:
Use single blasts, build a very power-defense loadout. Some magic speed enchants are good too.
Emphasis the speed of Fire and the DoT, never use beams (mostly just a waste of time and energy imo), and use self-explosions, no placed ones. Use weapons as dired to maximize damage.

Post-TGR get Magma for second mind and main it, but keep using Fire for the speed.

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k thanks

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Okay, I take back forgetting fire: Use both. Magma has some range potential, but it’s really lacking. Use it at like mid-range for damage, and to zone enemies, due to magma puddles. Fire should be used for sheer speed and range, alongside its absolutely goated DoT for a ranged powerhouse. Again, power & defense loadout, but also get some magic speed to absolutely boost both Magma and Fire into the next level, as speed is king with Fire, and making Magma faster boosts its effective range.

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