How to say “gg” in the nicest way possible

Not sure about you but when you beat someone in a 1v1 and say a plain “gg” it just seems a bit hostile and toxic. It’s like one of those psychological ways of asserting dominance while trying to act as nice as possible at the same time.

I thought of some alternatives:

“gg ez” - more in a friendly and teasing sort of manner. Can be used both ways though.

“gg xD” - it’s like you know you’ve flattened your opponent but you’re still gonna try and deny it and look modest

“ah gg” - it’s like you know you’re going to win, but the opponent tried their best and ‘unfortunately’ they lost.

“ggs” - not sure how to describe this one. You can say it after you’ve fought multiples times, but it just sounds more friendly.

“good game” - when you show your appreciation by actually typing out the words

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I just say gg every time, win or loss. It is now a habit.

If I lose to lag though, I complain instead of saying it LOL

Lol yeah same .

I can only imagine using the last one. GG by itself has become a default to me.

The rest of these options especially ez feel toxic—though that’s only from experiences from league

Who needs to say gg when you can spam your keyboard

I don’t like saying “gg” I only say it if I really mean it. “ah gg” and “Good game” are good alternatives on this list

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double run post bad

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why be complicated if you can just say one letter
If possible while T posing

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Just say ez whether you win or not

the most friendly one is the infamous “ez bad”

Dude can you tell me what “h” actually means? I’ve seen it everywhere.

how about “gg no re”

“gg ez no re”

gg ez clap get off the game trash kid

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“Git gud gg ez no re”

“Gg ez” Is what I always say, and tbh it asserts dominance much more than “gg”.

gg bro is objectively the most positive way to end a interaction with gg
gg has been plauged by intense tryhards over the course of the last decade, and almost all variations have that same aura of smug
either just do good game or stay quiet

gg bro :upside_down_face:

How to be modest after winning a fight:
“EZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZEZ” but all in separate messages so they can’t say anything in response.
True facts, totally won’t make people not want to interact with you again for any reason.

to me, gg is the most friendly

gg ez and gg xD give me a burning hatred for anybody who says them
its a joke pls dont hurt