How to Solve the Long Distance Travel Problem || Wagon

Around the map there could be wagons stationed (carried by horses), talk to the driver and he’ll take you to one of the towns on the map for around 5 crowns. The wagon is a lot faster than walking so it would be incredibly useful to have it. Maybe, instead of having the wagon thrown around everywhere, you can call a wagon by writing it a letter??? The wagon can hold 4 people so you can travel with your friends too!

(Edit: For some reason, I couldn’t tag this as a suggestion or normal game discussion sorry!)

1.) Vetex can’t model, so no horses

2.) WoM is getting scrapped to make way for AA 2 electric boogaloo

also welcome to the community


Thank you for feedback!

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What if vetex got a modeler o_o

imagine that-

that is beyond our imagination