How to start a clan!


cool tutorial

Bump: Changed Guild to Clan and removed guild halls entirely.

TLDR: Click the create guild button in game

Does this still apply due to how quality over quantity guilds tend to be?

Your guild sounds like a good one, can I join?

sure, we’re open to every but have been hibernating. We’re waiting until AO to become active again. You can join before then tho and maybe talk with some of us if we’re on :>

don’t you need money. (galleons)

who the hell would make a guild when you can just join the number 1 guild and dominate
no sense

The players in suncry are nice but that’s boring being in 1st by 7k

They’re only in first by like 7k tho

ok, but it seems like your guild is good rep I am a villian and i’ve been trying for a while to get good rep.

We’re open to all reps

ok but plz don’t kill me i’m Darkzoul1234.

you think memes in general is ok? :stab:

I’m going to be adding a discord template and maybe a few video tutorials to help people who don’t know how to do some things. Probably in a few days.

Kandy likes to diss Roselight incredibly bad 24/7 bcs they’re salty as hell that they got kicked.

now thats hard

It rlly is fr

Can you help me setup a discord server if your available? (Please)