How to start a clan!

To start a clan you must first meet some requirements.

  1. Requirement One - Have discord and make a discord server

  2. Requirement Two - Have a clan icon/banner (Found or made)

  3. Requirement Three - A clan theme and clan name

  4. Requirement Four - Think of something that makes your clan unique or different

  5. Requirement Five - Trustworthy Staff

  6. Requirement Six (Optional) - If you want to go an extra step, make lore

Now you’re ready to start making your clan!

Step One

What you have to do next is customize the discord server to your desire!

(If you don’t know how to set up a discord server, hit me up and I’ll help you out if I’m available - lazyrae#0001)

Step Two

After customizing the discord with roles, chats, and systems, the next goal is to get publicity. To do this there are a few ways.

  • First way isn’t very effective and it’s to recruit people via in-game.

  • The second and the best way is to post it on official AO websites like the wiki and the forum #guilds:guild-recruitment . To follow through with the forum posts, you should come up with enticing factors that make your guild better than others! Do this by listing the positives of your clan and helpful information.

Any of these options will take a decent amount of work and time and if you make a clan you should be totally active or people will start to leave. If you really want to speed things up you could always use $$$ and R$ funds to gain recognition via RBLX Group and forum packages.

How to keep your clan alive.

Starting a clan is easy, gaining members is hard, and keeping them is even harder. To keep members in a clan means to keep them entertained and keep them from disliking your community. This is where a trustworthy staff team comes in. Leading a clan is surely hard on you own, which is why all of the larger clan in this game have staff teams. In Roselight, our staff are the Royal Guards and Imperial Guards. The Royal Guards are our Admin figures while the Imperial Guards are our Moderators.

The reason staff is so important is because like stated earlier, running a guild and pumping events / content out 24/7 is very hard on your own; therefore, have staff members hold events and keep the community entertained when you cannot!

Not only will having a good staff team keep your community entertained, they’ll keep your community clean from anyone that you wouldn’t want in your guild.

What to do after you have a stable clan.

There are a few options.

  1. Option One - Try to compete for the leaderboard. This is an incredibly hard feat and will require alliances with stronger guilds and a LOT of wars. To do this you must have a good amount of skilled PvPers that play often.

  2. Option Two - Try to grow massive. This option is easier but also difficult. This option involves you continuing to expand like an empire. This option is for those who want a large community to lead and satisfy.

  3. Option Three - Nothing. Just keep your guild stable and do whatever you want, this option is for those who just want to enjoy the community they have.

How to be seen as a good clan leader.

Being seen as a good leader is a lot harder than most make it out to be. Some have natural talent for leading people, others have to work extremely hard to be a good leader. There are a lot of different routes that people can take to be seen as a good or strong leader.

  • Become respected
  • Become well liked
  • Become well known

To be a good leader, you must have people trust you with things they wouldn’t trust to others normally. To accomplish this, either build respect between you and your clan; otherwise, just become well liked and loved by your members. If you can prove to your members that you’re a trustworthy and devoted leader, people will realize it in time.

"Good luck clan leader and best regards,
Leader of Roselight, Luna"

Oh and by the way, treat your clan as if they’re family. It’s important to see everyone in your clan as friends.



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