How to suffer in World of Magic

Have you ever wondered what cock and ball torture, a wound with hand sanitiser and salt, hell feels likes? Well don’t worry because I will show you how to suffer in World of Magic!

Step 1: Be a tyrant with hero storyline so you can track the exiled boss.

Step 2: Have 2.5k bounty so 3 captains spawn and chase your ass (bonus if they use meta magics)

Step 3: RNG! Pray to Satan that a 100+LVL hero chamber spawns.

Step 4: Aggro all enemies and have your ass being chased by tons of soldiers, captains, a hero and the exiled.

Thanks for reading this guide, I have wrote this with experiencing this type of torture. :sunglasses:
Here have a cookie if you survived.


You can beat all of them by going in water…

But they immune to lava tho !!

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I’m taking the whole tray of cookies thank you

How to suffer in World of Magic

  1. open wom


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shid on your computer so your frames can be like a power point presentation

You lose enough braincells plus frames in a full server anyways

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then dont

Well not wrong at all

my computer in a goddamn nutshell :frcryin:

You forgot this:

Step 5: anger every guild member in server

What? If your in a guild they are all already trying to track you down and kill you.

Try me.

How to suffer in Wolrd of Maigc

Setp 1: Play WoM

Goal Complete!

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