How to Survive ∞ Days in Minecraft Hardcore11!1!1!1!1! 😳

  1. Create Hardcore World1!!1!
  2. Dig down 3 blocks111!111!!!
  3. Place block above you1!!1!1!!
  4. Prosper1!11!1!!!

What about hunger?
and you’ll never be able to see the light of day ever again.

But in hardcore you automatically lose hunger even if you don’t move ;-;


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Actually, you cannot survive an infinite amount of days in Minecraft, because after the 64 integer limit number of ticks have passed, the game will end :nerd_face: :nerd_face:



That’s three times the total expected lifespan of earth, so we can at least survive for a little while.

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it’s also longer than any computer could possibly last before disintegrating

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