How to survive till AO?/?

Starting point

When i start writting this guide its exactly 5 days, 5 hours, 55 minutes, 55 seconds till AO release by my timzeone (Hint: AO releases at 11pm for me )

But we need to survive to that date somehow…

So How?

1. Uncapped WOM

Cringe, go touch some grass but does’nt mean it cant be fun to mindlessly grind captains and KDS in between 10 min jail sitting. Most magics are not changed in AO so you can try some magics you never player before.

2. Grass


3. Arcane Reborn

Bad, cringe, rking L, lmao, bozo, ratio. But it got ship, it got magic, it got dashes. If you never played games like AO (Island based games) than you can give AR a try. A TRY, not actually starting playing it, wtf.

4. School

I know you have school, so just wait and do your homerwork

5.Adventure Story

Why dont give old Vetex’s game A.S. (Adventure Story) a try? Its kinda short ngl, but does’nt mean its not good.


You can’t expect us to know what this means

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i still have vauban prime to farm for and a chapter to put out

grass my beloved

i just have to survive this week… and then i can grind AO…

man FUCK biology bro ive got a test this week

What’s “grass”

screw grass, some of y’all need the entire Amazon rainforest

ESPECIALLY if you are level 500+ in wom

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That and CBRO until AO drops

i have mock exams until 3rd of march :sob:
ao will have to wait i need to be an academic weapon


I believe I would have reached lvl 500 by now if I wasn’t gone on vacation :skull:

Grass? What’s that?

Sleep? Only for the weak.

Your body is crumbling just like the rest of us


Once you get 200 you simply do not get arrested
You clash with captains to their face and win

1v1 - Easy
1v5 synergizing captains - no

Oh that situation isn’t that bad
You just use an ancient strategy called getting the fuck out of there

Auto aim beam :skull:

Just gotta pray the tower isn’t destroyed and hide
Otherwise get a friend
Captains despawn before they can kill you most of the time for some reason

Im loner
I have explosion :skull:

alternatively, just suddenly enter a coma that ends the exact second AO releases.