How Toxic is the AO Art Community?

I’ve been very interested in making and posting AO related art, but the community surrounding it has always intimidated me. I don’t consider myself great at art, so I’m wondering if that fact would lead to some sort of negativity? That and the type of content I might be posting, being more akin to what people would think is cringey in a fandom.

Sorry if this is sort of a ramble, I’d just like to know how people view the AO art community before I fully commit to becoming a part of it (or try to atleast)

it’s not toxic, its just some artists are… well, different than the others.


My experience has always been positive

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as in more skilled?

as in… well, god should be scared of us for being associated with them (no hate, just a joke)

my experience was pretty good overall, just watch your step as you go through and you’ll be fine.

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its pretty friendly, a few degenerates are down-horrific, myself included, but they’re not that bad… usually.

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I wouldn’t really call the AO art community toxic, just some are very open about their interests.

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I won’t say it’s toxic, but if you something that most of the user don’t like, be prepared to be ostracized forever

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Don’t say stupid stuff in the threads and you’ll be just fine. and maybe try not to trigger anyone with your art


It’s muted on my end for my sanity, but the comment section is probably what you should beware.
Most users will talk using popular terms & modern internet slang, I guess you can just appreciate the art and ignore the fans. You can’t expect much maturity from a puberty-infested landscape.


pretty supportive, at least back in the day

theres a discord for ao artists ( and any vetex’s games in general ) that can give you advices on arts and such, pretty chill most of the time ( i am inactive most of the time )

overall there isnt any overtly toxic people that i remember

ah, ofc, there are some degenerates… but most of the time its just their fans ( except for like, 3 special cases that i will not name )


people really need to learn how to do this when on the internet


Remember that most of everyone here are teenage boys. And they act exactly like how you expect boys in puberty to do.

Community’s not toxic overall, just note that there are several people who comment stupid garbage and try to pick fights. Ignore them, and all will be fine.


Okay, this isn’t relevant to the topic, but uh

I how did this happen? Is it just on my screen?

@wmdrayal , what kinda witchcraft is this? How are you quoting me before my comment even displayed-

haha dont worry about it :slight_smile:

Personally I kind of came to dislike the arthub

Not for any specific artist or for any degenerates i just dislike the way the community is put together and all, something about it feels wrong to me but that is just personal opinion

The ArtHub is definitely not a requirement to post your art on the forums and it’s maybe even better if you don’t join it just so that you won’t peel your eyes out on other people’s art and end up feeling shit

That wasn’t what happened with me btw, don’t worry

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