How valuable are the new event items

I wannna know how many alts i should gather them on to use them for trading

prob not as much as other halloween seasonals due to being easier to get, and also small (i love the news egg tho)

There were only about a 1000 daily active players during the Halloween event, and it still took years and the injection of a massive amount of players who haven’t done the event in order for the Halloweens to finally have value. In addition, an extremely small number of players stockpiled Halloweens expecting them to be worth something.

In comparison, there are way more players for AO, people saw how much Halloweens gained value (compared to being so common the event, it was common for people to sell Halloweens for crowns) so people will definitely be making more of an effort to stockpile them.

Then again, since you can only get one of each egg, it’s gonna be significantly harder to stockpile than common Easter seasonals.

Overall, I don’t expect Easter seasonals to have close to the value as the other event seasonals but still hold a decent amount of value compared to boss items due to what I’m expecting the large amount of players who’ll try to buy up all the Easters they can hoping to cash in early. Still, it’s only the first day so I can really only make very vague assumptions which’ll probably be more incorrect than correct in about a week.

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the valk might be the only valuable thing

sums it up

common heroblade W

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Not even tradable yet, how would anyone know?

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