How , why people take so long to level up

I can easy get level 120 at max 12 hours


My shortest max hours is 7 hours, it should get lower the more exp options get added

421 fish caught
but i cant really explain the rest other than maybe they dont know what to do (i didnt know what to do at the frostmill to stepstones, cirrus to talos, talos to ravenna on my first file) now i just try to get a ram and sink ships while completing treasure charts.

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They’re Gen 4.


he’s having an arcane odyssey

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this file is from World of Magic and was probably already lvl 90 before being converted


man it took me 113 hours for level 90 :bangbang:

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they want to enjoy the experience rather than power level


40 hours…

forumers already forgetting that wom exists lol

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wom file hours transfer to the main game. this happened with my 113 hour file when I opened my main after I got unbanned. since he’s gen 4 the same case likely occured

games too hard been stuck on level 1


bro defeated 1 boss in wom cmon man…


no they’re a 4th gen wom file

I have 230 hours with 13 k chest open

you have 6 k damn

they killed one boss to finish the storyline and then they went fishing. they got 27,339 fish caught

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the duality of man

“they’re just taking their time!” :sunglasses:

“uhm actually they’re a 4th gen wom file” :nerd_face:

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yea i just fished on this acc and did a little pvp
it was a paper file. i miss the sound paper would make on exploding :pensive:

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