How will you be able to remove fighting styles such as vampirism?

Doing the ritual will remove your humanity so how can you remove it and be human again lore wise?
I thought of finding a relic or powerful life magic wizard. What about you?

its not really specified if you will even be able to lose those

just eat red spiky fruit, EZ.


will add later

this is not in off topic, time to get you banned :smiling_imp:


Just kind of clear it I guess

but remember, it has to be related to lore so we might have to do something before removing it

Honestly, this is pretty simplified vampirism so I guess technically some random potion would work. Just a one-off dose and you good mate

seems legit but we might need to get some ingredients for it

i require sacrifices



pls give roka


getting a new one

kinda unfair for magics to not be able to re-pick while weapons and fighting styles can, but who cares

Wait probably someone making you go through amnesia or something idk while resetting your level to like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

give roka pls

maybe something like time magic or resurrection magic?

you gotta talk to a witch in Savaria.

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