How would someone be able to maintain neutral?

Hello. I am a casual player, both unexperienced and horrible at pvp but I do get hunted from time to time because of my renown. I have noticed that technically I can stop attackers with the new love potion gel, but I was thinking that people wouldnt hunt someone for neutral renown (can you even do that?) so I wouldnt get hunted and lose infamy for my clan, so I was wondering how I could stay neutral since defeatinf certain npc’s or doing quests gives fame / bounty.

Keep resetting your renown at either silverhold or whitesummit, doesnt matter what rep you have since it will work on both regardless, only costs 50 for low renowns, I think it starts increasing the price at 20K I think?

you can wipe fame at silverhold i think

If higher than 5k Fame (And lower than 20k Fame)

  • Steal private storages until you are neutral

If higher than 1k Bounty

  • Reset renown at whitesummit

So I have to try not raise my renown and keep resetting it?

And also, out of curiosity, can you even get hunted at neutral renown?

what is there even to hunt

Yeah, your side is changed if you reach 100 renown and vice versa for the other side

And no, you cant get hunted as a neutral rep, you wont even show up in either sponsor or bounty board which means you’re practically invisible

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Clan infamy

but like you need renown to be on bounty boards

Yeah thats the reason Im going neutral, to never be able to be hunted

Ayeee looks like there’s another neutral rep enjoyer :sob:

People are finally seeing the beauty of being a neutral rep


I mean, I can still just grind bounty or fame, get deckhands, and then go on with my life without being able to be hunted

Seems like the best option honestly

im thinking if i should still be emperor of the sea or go neutral (after maxing deckhands)

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