How would the diving bell work?

Here’s my opinion (btw this isn’t a suggestion since Vetex probably has plans for it)
I think the diving bell will be attached to the stern of the boat. You can climb inside and control the depth you’re at with something inside the bell. It probably will have a form similar to Subnautica’s life pods.

The player could use a hatch underneath the bell to go outside the bell and explore the ocean.

This is my guess on how it would work.
How do you think it would work?

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Bet its an anchor like thing with an air space inside

Last time I fell from heaven I touched bottom of the sea instantly

The name is rather literal.


It’d likely just deploy in the center of the diving spot and you’d go back to it for air.

Wonder if sea monsters will be able to attack them? sea monsters can only aggro things in the water, but how the bell works mechanically might affect this.

Fastest way to turn AO into a horror game. Imagine being in a diving bell with white eyes lurking around outside.

Dark Abyss is going to be Subnautica

Our characters are going to be fighting ghost leviathans in the dark sea.